Monday, October 25, 2010


Everything is ridiculous.
Have you ever felt so incredibly dejected that your stomach hurt? Or you couldn't breathe? Or every heartbeat had to have a will from God, because it wasn't you pumping blood through your own body? Have you ever discerned the difference between pain as a release and pain as means to an end?
Everything is ridiculous.
And then I/you feel guilty, because everyone is scolding each other for being selfish or ungrateful. There are starving children all over the world. Look at that homeless guy. He's smiling. And all you can do is think about how messed up you are?
1. Isn't the status of any situation relative? If you wear the same outfit to town every single day, you're either a) poor b) depressed c) really freaking weird. But if you wear the same clothes to bed every night, does that make you poor, depressed, or somehow socially abnormal?
You see?
Maybe I'm just trying to redeem myself.
2. That homeless guy is just fucking crazy.

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