Tuesday, October 19, 2010


We are always the same person.

You can change. Starve yourself. Stuff yourself. Be happier. Be sadder. Hate somebody. Love somebody. Suck up to somebody. Purposefully piss somebody off. Turn girly. Turn boy-ish. Be an extrovert. Be an introvert. Feel alive. Attempt suicide. Procrastinate. Over-achieve. Lead. Follow.
No matter how unstable we are in ourselves. There is always some element of me that is the same. You are always you. It's hard to grasp that element, when there's nothing to describe it, because you're finding yourself or you have no idea who you are, or whatever lookI'mdepressedandangstangstangst story you have, but there's always something. Like a flavor. You can be a flavored anything, but you're flavored.

Hello, I'm Sara-flavored.

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