Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There are some people you can't hate. Like Jesus, for example.
People who've contributed so much good, it's impossible to even consider disliking them.
It doesn't even matter if they've hurt you. Churned your insides into an unrecognizable mishmash. Mishmashmishmashmishmash.
I can't talk to you whywhywhywhy. What?
I'm talking to you, Joan of Arc.
You took the guns away, but you replaced them with knives, and I think it's worse this way because I can feel it but I can't banish it, and I've lost the strength and stamina to keep masking it and I hate you hate you hate you but I can't because you're too good too wise
too too wise
and the stars in the sky
screeeeeam at me
aren't we beautiful?
and I'd say you were
but it's too sad why?
you're sad sad sad
and that feeling in my throat
that I need to cry
never goes away
but I can't.
I can't.
the salt in my tears would burn my face,
acid streams eroding flesh, I can't.
And I want to say "fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you" but you're too perfect to be condemned.
Anyways, I bet Jesus told you to leave me, huh?

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