Sunday, November 14, 2010


Today I'm sick and I can't feel anything and I don't know why.

I hate the sound of.
Ice being scooped into a plastic pitcher.
My dog barking.
The microwave that beeps until you open it.
A baby waking up.
The printer.
Venetian blinds buzzing with the wind blowing through them.
People breathing, unless they're sleeping.
Stacking steel chairs.
People saying "um" when they're reading something.
A bad phone connection.
Crowds cheering.
People choking.

I love the sound of.
Babies snoring.
The first violin tuning the orchestra.
Cash registers that click and ding.
The wind.
Rain on the window.
Rain on a tin roof.
Chalk rubbing on a chalkboard.
People rambling.
The spatula scraping against the cookie sheet.
Shifting gears in a manual.
School buses and garbage trucks.
Weighted piano keys hitting that thing they sit on top of.
Weird laughs.
Scissors snipping.

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