Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day time.

My mind is dry.
I just have to say, my life is about to get incredibly busy, perhaps only for a while, depending on whether or not I quit what little "school" I'm involved in.
And I'm scared.
But I feel like all that's happened was really meant to happen, and these opportunities are God's good and perfect will for me.
I enjoy keeping busy, but in this season of life, I feel the need for a substantial amount of "me time".

Also, I think I was demon-possessed the other night. But somehow, it's not that big of a deal, maybe because I haven't thought about it much. Because when I think about it too hard, I get really scared, but I know that I don't need to be afraid. Jesus is stronger.
I think I sort of dissociated it, because I didn't want to be so terrified of it.
My mind holds too many "becauses".

I wish that when I typed harder, it would somehow show up, so that when I typed I hate being fat, you wouldn't think I was bitchy and self-centered, but rather just a troubled child with a messed-up mind.

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