Friday, December 17, 2010


Yeah, cinnamon burns
But it really hurts
When he doesn't learn
What the difference is
Between black and white
Length and height
It'd probably be useful information, because all he tells is
Tall tales
Big sails
That took him places
He wasn't supposed to go
Mama, we're out of thyme.
Because the moment he took the word "bitch"
And used it on you,
He decided he was grown up
And I've been sewn up
About a million times
But every time
He drops
I get ripped right open again
Not because he is the mascot of a donkey's rectum
(Ass. Hole.)
But because he
Never stops
We tell him every time,
Honey, that's not allowed here
But if I hade a dime
For every "fuck" his lips have ever formed,
I'd be swimming in money
And dripping with honey,
Baby boy
Won't you come home

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