Friday, December 3, 2010


Lava flows
Like red roses
Beating drums
Pockets full of posy
Spin, spin
Get in
Run to where
The road begins
And there
Lies the graves of rainclouds
The great composers
And Houdini
So it must be like Alcatraz
Because he hasn't escaped
Go, go, go
Fly like paper
Airplanes, fly
Fly like birds
Jay jay jet plane
Scoop them up and rain
Rain bird
Feathers, blood
Fuck you
And try to change
Change, change me
Cash, cash, me
Credit, no
Debit, yeah
It comes from the same place
You and your pockets
Save face
You're a disgrace
So go, go, go
I hate you
Like nothing
Like nothing
Only because you think I do
No, I really love you
I just hate the things you do,
Like paper planes flying
Can't control where they land
And I'm trying
To hold you in the palm of my hand
I'm trying, I'm trying
The best that I can.
No. No. No.

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